Cosecha Partnership Model

Cosecha proposes a 3-way partnership model in all its new businesses. By harnessing the experience of a Cosecha partner, knowledge of a local entrepreneur as well as the business skills of a Cosecha fellow, Cosecha businesses have a higher rate of success.


In a Cosecha partnership model, all parties invest in the new business. We call this hands-on investing, where each party has ownership of the business, and thus motivation to see it succeed. The ownership structure varies by the amount of time and money put in by each party.

Through Cosecha's partnership model, we aim to facilitate the growth of entrepreneurship and jobs in Latin America.


Cosecha Partnership Program

The Cosecha Partnership Program lasts 1 year and is designed to kick-start a new business. It has 4 phases:


In this partnership program, the Cosecha partner, fellow and entrepreneur work together for a year to create a sustainable business from scratch. At the end of the year, Cosecha fellows are given exit options and the local entrepreneur ends up with majority share of the business.

To read more about businesses that has been started using the Cosecha Partnership model, visit our Cosecha businesses page.