Cosecha Partners

Cosecha partners are entrepreneurs who have been successful at starting local businesses. A number of them are serial entrepreneurs who have started multiple businesses and have a wealth of knowledge to share with new entrepreneurs.

Representing Cosecha, they provide legal, financial and business experience on opening a business inLatin America. Some examples are:

Partners usually fulfill the following criteria:


Have started one or more successful businesses in Latin America

Ready to commit a year to mentoring a Cosecha fellow and entrepreneur

Are interested in using entrepreneurship to effect social change


Here are a few of Cosecha's partners:

Denise Lim

Denise was a business consultant in Singapore before leaving in 2011 to search for sustainable social business models in Latin America. Prior to joining Cosecha, she started an Asian restaurant, La Esquina Asiatica, in Quetzaltenango. She has since started 3 other businesses with Cosecha entrepreneurs, as well as consulted for startups in Singapore.

If you are interested in joining Cosecha as one of its partners, send us a message using the following form:


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